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Jun 22, 2017

Jacky & Barry Chesson's pics

 Here we have the last few photos from Barry & Jacky.. all from the White Horse I believe.

Jun 20, 2017

2 photos from Shuggie!

Kind Just a few days ago I received 2 photos and a very nice email from Shuggie over in Australia. Thanks for the photos Shuggie and I hope you had a great birthday! 

Here is Shuggies email - Hi Jackie,

It’s been a while but I still regularly have a look at the Old Stuff Blog and the facebook page, although I am still not on it. (dinosaur).

Love to see what is going on.

Attached are a couple of photos, one from 1975 with Derek (McGroovy) Wingate in our apartment in Lloret and one from last Sunday with McGroovy, celebrating my 65th birthday, down here in Western Australia

42 years, where have they all gone.

Hope you have a good re-union this year and say hello to any of the old friends, Billy Hayes, Hammy, Alby, Jill & Dianne, Graham

Heywood, Limpy and Ian Anderson as I heard he is the one organising this years shindig.

All the very best

Shuggie Kelly

Jun 17, 2017

Barry & Jacky's photos

 More photos today from Barry & Jacky, a few of the names I've been given for these few are Alex Miller, Eddie, Ronny Watt, Ian Brody, Linda and of course Barry!

Jun 15, 2017

Photos from Barry & Jacky Chesson

..Thanks to Barry & Jacky Chesson for sending me a large set of photos to publish on the site. 
They range from the year 1972-79.
Managers night out with Ted Law

Afternoon session with Barry, Terry, Miguel, Trevor, George & Andy

George & Barry

Barry & Linda

John Newlove & Barry

Jun 12, 2017

Photos from Angie

Thanks to Angie for today's photos.
Angie worked on the badges at the Rose & Crown and Nicky Tams as well as other places.

Jun 6, 2017

Last pics from Liz & Chris

Today we have the last few photos from Liz & Chris featuring some of their work mates & friends from the Londoner & Pink Panther in the 70s.

May 28, 2017

Back to the 70s

Back to the 70s with another fantastic set of  photos from Liz & Chris.

1st - Liz in the middle, working in the top bar of the Londoner.

2nd - Kenny, Liz, Murphy & Mick

3rd - Londoner football team, just a few names for this one...Kenny, Chris Stanley, Greg, Chris, & Hammy.

4th Mick and Chris at the bus station

5th - At the front in the hat is is Tam, others in the photo are Greg, Micky & Kenny

6th - No info for this one.

7th - Chris , Geoff, Micky, Alan, Hammy & Bryn