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Oct 16, 2017

Michelle's photos

Todays photos come from Michelle, sorry but I dont have any info only that they are from the late 70s...Thanks for sending all your pics Michelle, still lots more to post! 

Oct 10, 2017

Photos from Gerd

Many thanks to Gerd for bringing a large selection of photos for the Old Stuff when he came to Lloret for the workers reunion in September, here are just a few of many!

Sep 25, 2017

Michelles Photos

 Here are a few more from the fantastic set of photos sent to me by Michelle...with a few taken at the bus station and some having fun on the beach.

Sep 18, 2017

Michelle's pics!

Today we have photos sent in by Michelle and friends having fun around the town around..bus station, beach and a couple of bars!

Sep 12, 2017

A novel based on Lloret!

To all our readers.....You may remember quite a while ago now that I was contacted by Hilary who was intending to write a novel about the early tourism days in Spain.....Lloret in particular! She was asking if she could use some of the stories from the Old Stuff kindly sent in by some of our readers. Well I'm pleased to say the book is now available on Amazon, it's taken her longer than she intended owing to a few problems and also finding a publisher.

Hilary the author has recently been in touch and given me the following details. She is also very kindly giving our readers of the Old Stuff blog a mention in the book! 
If you are a reader then please take a look at this link to the book on Amazon, the Kindle version is only 2.99, I dont normally read books but I will be ordering it! If you do place an order then please leave a nice review for Hilary on Amazon!

Beyond Promises on Amazon

Hello Jackie
Hope everything is well with you.

It's been so long since we corresponded that I feel sure you will have forgotten all about the novel I was working on, and the help you so kindly gave me a little while back.

I imagine by now you've decided that the novel that involved Lloret in the 1970's was never to be published. The wheels of publishing move tremendously slowly I'm afraid to say (unless you're a celebrity or footballer with something topical!). 

Anyway 'Beyond Promises' should be out within the next month, and I want to make sure I've addressed my thanks to you and the people on your wonderful site correctly. I thought I'd say ...

Many thanks to Jackie Reindl and the wonderfully helpful people from the 'Lloret de Mar Old Stuff' group, special thanks go to AceDavid for his insight into life as a tour guide rep, and ........ who actually did play his saxophone over the hills (although I must say the saxophone is the only link to John in the story - his character is pure imagination on my part). 

Have I missed anyone you think needs merit? Also do you know who it is that played that saxophone? (he's become 'Saxophone John' in the story).

Look forward to hearing from you.
All best wishes
Hilary x

Photos from Tommy Docherty.

Thank you to Tommy for sending these great photos for the Old Stuff!

He also kindly included info about his time in Lloret and the photos..

I worked in Lloret in 1984 and have some photos that you may find interesting. 

About me.... I'm Tommy Docherty from Greenock and went to Lloret with Pat Maloney, who appears in some of the pics already on your pages. Graham (Doberman) joined us later. In '84, we counted 15 folk from Greenock and 3 from Port Glasgow who worked there.
My first job was doing electrical work in the 'new Rabbie Burns' with Hammy..., then prop and on the door with Russell in the Village Inn for a couple of weeks. I then spoke to Sean Cody, who was planning the Robin Hood, and started there before opening night, and lasted until it closed in November.

These 4 attached pics are
2 workers crowd scenes from outside the Rob Roy on Scotland v. England day,
then up to Scotch Corner the same night (Pat, Me, barmaid from Nicky Tams, Wee Tommy and Stuart),
Topsy Turvy Night in The Robin Hood in September (Me, Sarah, Alex - who was the Original Robin Hood prop, Toni, John the DJ, Demis, Big Davie, Sean, and 'Joe' real name Mick Jordan. 

Sep 9, 2017

Lloret workers reunion 2017

This years reunion is looking like its going to be one to remember, well done to Ian Anderson  who took on the task of getting everyone together!