Click here for the 2011 reunion pics!

Jan 22, 2019

Photos from Paul

Many thanks to Paul for sending  these 2 photos by email today.
This is Paul’s message to go with the pics -

Just found some memories of my time in lloret pics from when I was Dj at Nicky Tams with Stewart and Gas an cant remember name of our Pr Sotsman  the group pic is Nicky Tams 1984 staff ,wonder if anyone recognises themselves.
cheers Paul

Jan 3, 2019

A photo from Hammy

Anyone who has been in Rabbies Bar in Fenals will have seen a few photos of Hammy (in his younger days!) pictured alongside famous football players who he has met. This is another one that he has just come across and not on ‘his wall’ so not many people will have seen it....until now!

Aug 20, 2018

Gerds 70s photos

Here we have a few photos from Gerd which include a few scenic ones would you believe!

Jun 13, 2018

Gerd's Golden Oldies!

I really must get back into posting on this blog, no it hasn't finished its just me been off we go again with a few of Gerd's golden oldies from the 70s!

Apr 19, 2018

Robin Hood 1975

Thank you to Charlie for bringing his Robin Hood post card to Lloret for me to publish, 1975 I can't imagine there will be many of these about! 

Dec 6, 2017

Nov 8, 2017

18-30s Holidays

Were any of our readers linked to the early 18-30s holidays at all? If so you maybe able to help with a TV production is a copy of the email I have received.
 I have removed a tel no from the email, so if you can help at all just contact me and I'll put you in touch.

Hi, Jackie!
Apologies if this request seems out of the blue but I'm hoping you might be able to help me. 
My name is Cameron and I work for an independent tv production company called One Tribe TV. We're based in Bath and Cardiff and are currently developing a project we hope to send to commissioners within the next couple of weeks. It's a celebratory documentary surrounding the 50th anniversary of Club 18-30's establishment, which is next year. Our intention is to find a few people who travelled or worked for Club 18-30 in its initial days in the late 60s and return them to the areas to see what has changed, reveal funny anecdotes and warm memories, and generally describe what Club 18-30 was like then. 
Having stumbled across your Facebook page, 'Lloret de Mar Old Stuff', I thought I might ask you if you know anyone who attended or worked for Club 18-30 in the 60s/early 70s or know where I might look? Any help would be tremendously appreciated. 
Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.
All the best,